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  1. We operate an independent online price and benefits comparison service that allows you to compare various course services and products in Singapore within specified categories.
  2. We work together with course service providers in Singapore including course service companies, course service brokers, course service agents, course institutions and/or other course services product intermediaries (“Course Service Providers” ) who provide us with their product specifications, prices and other relevant data to generate our price and benefits comparison (the “Comparison Information”). Our comparison service and the Comparison Information that we generate is available for your personal use at no cost to you.
  3. You may initiate the application process for a course service or product with a Course Service Provider via our Site by filling up our Application Form. Upon receipt of your Application Form, we will forward the same to the relevant Course Service Provider and/or direct you to the relevant Course Service Provider’s website to take the further necessary steps as each respective Course Service Provider may require.
  4. From time to time, we may also offer incentives to you for initiating the application process for any course product or service from the relevant Course Service Provider via our Site. The incentive(s) which we may offer are additional to and separate and distinct from any incentive(s) that may be offered by the Course Service Provider at the material time.
  1. You may be able to initiate an application for course products and services from Course Service Providers through our Site. By providing us with your personal information and by proceeding with the application process on our Site, you are authorizing us to disclose your personal data to the relevant Course Service Provider for the relevant product or service, and for marketing purposes (if you have consented to the same). We make no representations and/or warranties as to the outcome of your application.
  2. If you eventually decide to sign up and/or purchase a product from or engage the services of a Course Service Provider, the application process for which was initiated via our Site, you are entering into a direct agreement with the said Course Service Provider and not with us. We are not responsible or liable for any loss and/or damage arising from your sign up and/or purchase from or engagement with the Course Service Provider, and/or for the suitability or quality of the product(s) and/or service(s) that you have purchased from the Course Service Provider, and you agree to hold us harmless in respect of the same.
  3. Our Comparison Information will not be construed to be an offer or solicitation to buy any product or service from any Course Service Provider or any other third party.
  1. We may from time to time, offer incentives for our users for initiating via our Site, the application process for course services from Course Service Providers. These incentives may include promotional offers, gifts, awards, privileges, rebates, etc. Provided always that you complete the application process provided by DCC for each applicable course service offered on our Site, and meet all other eligibility criteria for each incentive, DCC will not place any limit on the total number of incentives that you may receive from DCC unless otherwise stated. However, in respect of each course showcased on our Site, an eligible DCC user is only entitled to claim the incentive from DCC for each course, once. For the avoidance of doubt, no DCC user will be entitled to claim an incentive from DCC in respect of an application for a course (i) for which the user has previously claimed an incentive from DCC, or (ii) for which the user seeks an identical replacement course. DCC retains the sole and absolute discretion on whether a user is entitled to and/or eligible for the incentive(s) that DCC may offer from time to time. You may find out more about the availability of incentives offered by us by visiting our Site.
  2. The incentive(s) which we may offer are separate and distinct from those that may be offered by the Course Service Providers. We are not an agent of the Course Service Providers and make no representations and/or warranties as to any incentive(s) which the Course Service Providers may offer. Any such incentive(s) offered by any Course Service Provider are subject to the terms and conditions which the Course Service Provider may provide. Any dispute arising in relation to such incentive(s) offered by the Course Service Provider is to be resolved directly with the relevant Course Service Provider. We are not obliged to assist or act on your behalf in communicating with the Course Service Provider.
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    (c) ensure that your personal data submitted to us is complete and accurate;

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  4. We do not provide course and/or any other professional advice to you and if you require the same, you should engage the services of a competent third party.
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  2. We do not warrant to compare the prices of any and/or all Course Service Providers active in Singapore. While we endeavor to provide as comprehensive a comparison service as possible, there may be Course Service Providers that we may not be working with, and as a result, we cannot include such providers in our comparison and you may not find their products on our Site.
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  4. Nothing on our Site shall in any way be construed as suggesting, implying, establishing or constituting an endorsement, approval, recommendation or advice in respect of a Course Service Provider and/or its products or services including the quality or suitability of the product or service for your personal use.
  1. We, together with our directors, officers, members, employees, representatives and affiliates, exclude any and all liability for any loss and/or damage that may arise in relation to:

    (a) your sign up and/or purchase or anticipated purchase of any product or service from a Course Service Provider;

    (b) your subsequent interaction with a Course Service Provider for any product and/or service, the application process for which was initiated via our Site;

    (c) our Site redirecting you to the website of a Course Service Provider;

    (d) any computer virus and/or other malicious code that may infect the digital device you use to access our Site and/or the websites of the Course Service Providers; and

    (e) the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information provided to us by the Course Service Providers and/or any errors, mistakes and/or omissions resulting therefrom.

  2. In any event, you agree that our aggregate liability for any loss and/or damage howsoever arising from your use of our Site shall be limited to the amount of Singapore Dollars, One Hundred Only (S$100).
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